Breeding & Care

Keeping pheasants, like any animal, carries responsibities and it is useful to find out as much as possible about them before you buy your birds. Below I have added links to information about our pheasants which may be useful to anyone considering keeping them. If you wish to know something I have not written about please feel free to get in touch and I will try my best to help. Links to information about each individual bird species we keep are on theĀ "Our Birds" page.

Koklass Pheasant chick
Choosing Pheasants
Where to Keep Pheasants
Aviary Construction
Our Aviaries
Aviary Plants
Mixing Pheasants
Buying Pheasants
Feeding Pheasants
Breeding Pheasants
Pheasant Eggs
Trials & Tribulations of Breeding Pheasants
Books about Ornamental Pheasants
Treats for Pheasants
Rearing Pheasant Chicks
Chicks & Poults Sexing Pheasants
Disease & Disorders
Aspergillosis Bacilliary White Diarrhoea (BWD)
Botulism Cannibalism
Crooked Toes Coccidiosis
Mycoplasmosis Scaly Leg
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