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Tommy's Pet Paradise


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Caroline Crocker Originals


If you are a bird breeder and would like to be listed here, on our Allandoo Pheasantry website, please e-mail me any details you would like included.

Game Bird Breeders
Eron Gamebirds & Ornamental Birds Farm
Tart Peafowl Aviaries & Farm - Breeders of several varieties of quailty peafowl, ornamental pheasants, quail, and Mandarin ducks, located in North Georgia, USA.
Golden West Bird Farm - Situated near Goldendale, Washington we are breeders of a large variety of birds including Pheasants, Quail and Partridges as well as many species of waterfowl and also pet birds such as finches and cockatiels. - Breeders of ornamental pheasants, peafowl and poultry in Gloucestershire.
Shady Hollow GamebirdsShady Hollow Gamebirds - Ranging from the common Pharaoh Quail to the exotic Green Peafowl and everything in between. There's a gamebird for everyone. (USA)
Amy's Peacock Paradise
Chinese Painted Quail
Grigg's Bird Heaven
Ornamental Pheasants including Lady Amherst and red Golden pheasants
Mr Jamie Aston, Cardiff Phone : 02920195918
Frit's Farm - Guinea Fowl and Greenhouse Gardening on Frit's Farm.
Peacocks Australia - Quail and Partridge available as well as many other bird species.
Orchard Hill Ornamentals - A breeder of Ornamental Pheasants including Peafowl, Waterfowl and Turkeys in Ohio. - The best Button Quail site.
Joe Steed - Australian breeder of Lady Amherst, True Silver & Reeves Pheasants as well as Fantail and Indian pure bred doves.
Phone: 0466600104 or e-mail:
How to Raise Quail
Learn Everything You need to know about Raising Quail.
Gordon Bowker - Specialist breeder of UK Grouse species
Gordon Bowker
- Specialist breeder of UK grouse species, Capercaillie, (Tetrao Urogallus) Black Grouse, (Tetrao tetrix) and Red Grouse. (Lagopus Lagopus Scotica)
Location: Diss Suffolk UK.
Tel/fax: 01379 898215
Great House Pheasants - John is situated in Yorkshire and has some beautiful birds including peafowl.
Timber Ridge Game Birds, Inc.
Alex's Birds - Breeder of all different kinds of birds from canaries to quail to peafowl.
Kilkeel, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Paul's Aviary
CM Game Bird Farm and Hatchery - Suppliers of Quail, Chukar Partridge, Ringneck Pheasant, Hatching Eggs, Day-old Chicks and much, much, more....
Powys Game and finch breeders in Shropshire specialise in Zebra and bengalese finches, Ornamental pheasants : goldens and Amhursts and also Norfolk Black Turkeys and Californian / chinese painted Quail. Tel: 01938570538 / 07534820618 for details

Poultry & Waterfowl
BLatFarm Livestock - Quality breeders of poultry & livestock.
Barling Poultry - Suppliers of chicks, growers, chickens/hens, POL (Point of Lay), cockerels, waterfowl & ducks/drakes, free range eggs for hatching, poultry houses, feeders, drinkers, grit, electric netting and pest control.
Westfields - (J11 M25 GUILDFORD, SURREY)
Indian Runners (7 Colours) Black East Indians
Serama Bantam, Lemon MF Sableoots,
Black/White Silkies, Californian Quail.
07889907847 - Suppliers of lovely hybrid hens as well as Buff, Black & Lavender Orpingtons, Barred Plymouth Rocks, Jersey Giants and Legbars. Online shop for all feed and equipment, and stockists of Garvo feeds. Hen boarding & Incubator hire service.
Cambridge Poultry - We supply a large variety of point of lay hens in small and large numbers for those who require healthy point of lay chickens.
Chicken Breeder - Suppliers of quality and well handled poultry as well as housing and saddles to protect the hens. Eggs also available in season.
West Kidland Farm - Producers of Rare and Traditional Breed Meat in the West Country. Delivery of meat boxes throughout the UK.
Southmead Poultry - Point of lay chickens for sale, many lovely breeds, including Light Sussex, Rhode Island Red, Cuckoo Maran, ISA Brown, Rhode Island Red/Light Sussex crosses. Based in Leatherhead, Surrey. Advice happily given to all our customers.
Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm, Suffolk. Breeders of rare breed livestock at:
Mother Hen's Poultry - Breeders of pure, rare and utility poultry, ducks, geese, peafowl, guinea fowl and turkeys. Stockist of hybrid laying pullets. Based in Reading, Berkshire. 07989 888 708.
Waterfowl Garden- Waterfowl in a garden setting with information and guidance on keeping and breeding these birds. - information on bantam rearing
Brown Egg Blue Egg - Lots of good articles - Breeders of autosexing breeds and coloured egg layers. POL hybrids available all year round. Hen houses, feed and equipment.
Belt Hatchery - Home of Belt Hatchery's Classy Chick! - Poultry, Livestock, Housing, Equipment, Feed & Beekeeping Equipment and Tuition in Kent.
Gulliver Geese - UK goose breeder. largest supplier of day old goslings for the UK goose production market. Home of the Stow and SuperStow strains of the Embden Goose. Day old goslings available from April to August. - Breeder of many varieties of top quality Wyandottes, especially Partridge Wyandotte Bantams, including blue. Wyandottes are a tradition breed of poultry famous for productive winter-laying.
Chickens for Sale - from Cotswold Chickens, help, advice, housing and all things chicken related.

Other Birds
Adorable Budgies - Pictures, videos, information and a forum all about budgies
Becks Bird Barn - Baby Parrots & Birds
Flying Gems Aviary - Breeders of Muatation Conures for Pets & Breeding.
Nita's Nest - Long-time hobby bird breeder shares info and many pictures of her birds, past and present. Includes "Beginning with Birds", a basic primer.
Feathers N Flight - is located in the sand hills of western Putnam County Florida, which is located in North Central Florida. We are a small hobby operation, owned and operated by a husband and wife team, fully licensed by the state of Florida.
Gordon Lloyd - Gouldian Finch Breeder - Java Sparrow breeder from Staffordshire, England.
Cobber Budgies - Lots of practical advice and interesting stories on this site for anyone who likes budgies. - The Information Source for Cockatiel Genetics & Colour Mutations featuring educational books and articles on Cockatiels and Parrots by Linda S. Rubin.

Paul's Aviary

Paul's Aviary - A site dedicated to budgerigars, zebra finches, java sparrows and quails.

Cage & Aviary Hand reared exotic birds - Based in Lisburn County Antrim - We are a small family run business called Wings'n'Things, breeding and hand rearing all types of parrots and we also keep and breed various types of Australian and other foreign finches.

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